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Austria Academic Programs

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Landlocked giant mountains, green valleys, and lakes in Central Europe make Austria the most forested country in Europe for you to spend a year or semester.

Quick Facts

German. A basic knowledge of German is required.

Host Family Placement
Throughout Austria.

School begins and ends in summer.

Optional excursions or ski trips may be offered for an additional fee.

Mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, cycling, and boating.

Slightly smaller than Maine, the famous Alps cover much of the west and south of Austria while flatlands dominate the east and northeast. If you love the outdoors, you will enjoy a Spaziergang (a long leisurely walk) - a favorite Austrian pastime. Mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, cycling, and boating are very popular activities with most families.

Enjoy the remarkable natural beauty of Austria and its rich music history which will accompany you with the world-known melodies of Mozart and Strauss. Vienna Imperial Orchestra will invite you to its unique atmosphere of classicism and amazing architecture in Vienna, the world’s music capital.

Travel to Austria and you will experience amazing landscapes, follow the scent of freshly brewed coffee, and listen to the wonderful concerts in Vienna!

Academic Programs

While attending a public secondary school, you will stay with a local host family and participate fully in the academic and cultural life of the school, while settling in as a member of the family. Schools in Vienna include Gymnasiums (AHS), Vocational Schools (HAK), and Technical Schools (VHS). In Austria every student needs to decide about their area of studies. You can pick a school emphasizing economics and study home economics and nutrition class, or an academic school for science where you will take ecology, geometrical drawing, or physics classes.

All academic program students to Austria will have an arrival orientation covering program issues, cultural introduction to life in Austria, living in a host family, culture shock, and problem solving. Individual and personal attention is assured during your stay in Austria.

You are required to have a knowledge of basic German or willingness to take an introductory German class after arrival in Austria at your own expense. The language spoken in Austria may vary considerably from standard German. While standard German is spoken during most of the time at school, you should expect the possibility that the community where you stay may speak dialects typical to that region.

Programs, Departures, and Costs

Programs : Year
Code : 1055
Departure : August
Return : July
Tuition : $7995

Online Resources

To learn more about Austria, we recommend:

* E-mail YFU Alumni from the Alumni Referral List with your questions
* Visit your local library to find reference books, travel guides and essays, German language dictionaries, and many more country resources
* Use an internet search engine to find informative web sites
* Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC web site

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