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I won't be no casanova with Anna Kournikova

Updated at: 12:23 PM.
Under Category: Music

The summer is coming, though I wouldn't know it looking out of the window. It's pissing it down! And this is supposed to be the south of France! But let's get in the mood anyway with some lovely summer cheese. This is the video of Romanian group Morandi's "Oh La La" which was supposed to be released thru Apollo/Europa last summer but they couldn't get anyone to playlist this video because A - it's crap and B - it's too "raunchy".

The original edit was even ruder, and all the models were so bloody ugly they had to cover them in veils. That version of the video got scrapped because of religious connotations or something. I dunno whatever, apparantely they might be trying again with it this summer but if they don't it will be a shame, because it sounds like a monster in waiting.

Here's another record that ought to have been a massive UK hit last summer, "Cha Cha" by Chelo. Kind of a mix between Chico and Lou Bega.

One that was massive in Germany in summer 2004 but we sadly managed to escape was the extremely infectious Spanish-language "Veo Veo" by Hot Banditoz... Sonia Y Selena were nearly selected to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2001 with "Yo Quiero Bailar" but it was a massive hit anyway.

And this from Italy's Paola E Chiara, "Vamos A Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva)". Hopefully these will bring some sunshine in to your otherwise dreary day.

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